Tuesday, August 9, 2011

morning thoughts

i got to thinking this morning.
i was marveling at the extremes i see with people around me.
and i think because of what i do, i get some good glimpses
at the extremes.

a lot of people come thru bone sighs who are suffering.
many of those people are new to finding their self worth.
many of those people have trouble even liking themselves.

so i see a lot of those feelings. people struggling to just
find some good in themselves.

and then, on the other end, i see the people who work
with the ones who are suffering. people who refer to themselves
as healers, shamans, whatevers. many of these people seem to
have gotten stuck on the self love and then twisted it a bit into self
importance and then kinda gotten stuck there.
obviously, not all of them. but i do see a good bit of it.

how weird, i thought.
how come we just can't see a bit more balanced?
how come it's so hard to see our self worth and then not get
twisted with self importance?

and then i read something kinda cool in this book i love which
i think i'm gonna have to reread -

'fearlessness comes when you make a commitment to be who you fully
are. i may abandon myself to prevent others from alienating themselves
from me! instead of saying 'i do not want people to know that i am
this way because then they will not like me,' i may begin to say,
'i want them to know exactly how i am because my commitment is to
becoming myself more than to having them like me. i want everybody
to know who i really am, so i drop all the poses that i have adopted
to look good.' a wonderful poise results: fearlessness.'

(david richo, when love meets fear)

i got to thinking about that making a commitment to who you fully are
stuff. i think that's really key. if you do that, you've got to see
your value, and if you can keep your eye on that, i don't think you'd
get lost in self importance.

i think maybe losing that goal gets us muddled - in either direction.

i'm really seeing how not valuing ourselves is just as bad as all the
darn pompous self importance. because neither is addressing the real.

to me, the real seems like it would be making a commitment to who
you fully are...and living that.

and that's what i'm chewin' on this morning......

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