Tuesday, August 30, 2011


a beautiful, shining soul left the planet a few days ago.
i haven't been able to talk about it as it hit kinda hard,
and i wasn't ready to share it.

but just now, as i was sitting here working, someone emailed
me a photo of her with the announcement of the funeral arrangements.

i looked at this photo and just cried.
i've seen it before. in fact, when i first saw it i was so taken
with her beauty. i remember just falling in love with her.

i'm still just as taken with her.

she knew she was dying and she left a note for us...i wanted to
share the last part....she mentions the breezes...i'm not sure
i'll ever be able to feel a breeze quite the same again....

i wanted to share this as i wanted to remind us all.....
this is our time to dance -

"Enjoy your dance sweet souls and remember me when the dolphins sing
and the flowers wrap their arms around each other and breezes blow wise
words to your hearts.
Have open hearts - it is where the light and love will shine."

nancy, you will be missed.


Anonymous said...

The breeze will bring you love, always and there is a radiance in that smiling face that will be ALWAYS..
Holding you close in my thoughts..

Merry ME said...

Love the beauty in her smile and love in her eyes. I am sorry you've lost another friend. MAy she always travel in your heart.

AkasaWolfSong said...

What a beautiful countenance Nancy has Terri...

I'm so sorry you lost your friend but her parting words are indelibly written upon your soul...hold fast to them.

You are in my thoughts and prayertime...

terri said...

thanks, you guys.....