Thursday, August 18, 2011

one heck of a news story...

i am so not violent.
i just cringe at all the hurt we do to each other.

so i was a little surprised at my delight in reading this
article that a friend had posted on face book....

the bottom line was that some really creepy sick guy was bothering
a 13 year old and the girl ran to her mom and told her.

the guy was supremely creepy and went on to tell her mom what
he wanted to do to the daughter.

and the mom punched him the face.
over and over and over again.

they had to take him to the hospital.

and i sat there wanting to clap as i read this.

she punched him over and over again in the face.

i thought of the guy who molested me and probably went on to a whole
line of other little girls. how i never told my parents til after i
had children. i have no idea where he is or what he does.

of my friend's angst in how to deal with the guy who molested her,
how she struggles so much in trying to get some peace in what to do
with it all.

of the church's passing child molester after child molester on so they
can keep at it.

i have spent years, and i mean YEARS trying to find forgiveness,
understanding, compassion....

and i think that's necessary and right.

but so was the punch in the face.

that was so so right.

something's happening inside of me with watching all the pain in the
world over twisted sexual abuse.

i can feel it growing inside of me, and i know it will lead me somewhere.

not sure where.
not sure what it's all about.

but this i know.......

that mom rocked my world this morning.
and she reminded me that women need to take their power back.
and i know we're workin' on it.
i know we are.

and i know something's growin' inside of me....


AkasaWolfSong said...

Talking about Hero's...this woman is one!

If I had a chance to see the men who abused me in my life, I think I'd pull up my power in huge chunks and beat the livin' daylight out of them too. Sad, but true. I abhor violence as I have had to live it most of my life, but in this case it is very much allowed.

Anonymous said...

Love what you wrote...
Love what the Mom did...
Love the message she gave to her daughter...
Love the daughter felt safe to go to her Mom for help...
Love it all and what it is stirring in me too...
Thanks Ter : )