Friday, September 9, 2011

a good start...

it was one of those quirks of my dad's.
we just weren't allowed to sit on the counters in the kitchen.
so, of course, i've always wanted to sit on the counters.

so at my house, while i don't do it often, it's one of my favorite spots.
and when one of the guys sits up there and chats, i just love it.

and then if counter sitting can take place at someone else's house,
it's a complete and royal treat for me.

no one may ever see it, but there's always a delighted inside reaction
when there's counter sitting. always.

so, last nite, while the other two had no idea, i was delighting in our
place of conversation- two of us sitting on his counter, the third leaning
on it.

here we were in this corner just chatting.

if you walked in, you'd think nothing of it. three people just hanging out.
and yet, it was our first step into some healing we've needed to do.
it mattered.

and of all places...the counter.

there was one point i was so aware of it and so delighted about it that
i wasn't sure i'd be able to keep the laugh of delight back. i did.
it just came out as a smile.but inside there was a squirm of delight.

we couldn't have been sitting there together like that if there had not been
about twenty thousand small choices towards love over a long and hard period.
i knew that and was so thankful for those choices.

it can take years. it can take moments.
i think it's gonna be both...

but it started on the counter.
and i'm thinking it couldn't have started any better.

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