Saturday, September 10, 2011

my mug

i saw this quote yesterday on dani's blog -

'be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.'

i read it and kinda just held it.
i knew that i needed to keep that especially in mind yesterday.
the funny thing is, i always think of other people.
who i need to be kind to, some of them great challenges for me...
and i forget to add myself to the group.

here and there i remember.
but yesterday i was concentrating on other people.
and looking back, i really see how i coulda used more of it
from myself yesterday.

for various reasons, it was a hard day for me.
and right when all the hard seemed to be kinda maxxin' out,
and i was fighting back the tears, and feeling the self doubt
just rising up like a tide,
i turned to open a box that had come in the mail.

a gift from a friend.

i read the note first.
and i noticed what i did.
i stopped everything and sat down, put my feet up,
and just held it. i looked at her writing and the art
she had put at the top. and i just soaked it in.

it was definitely perfect timing.
and then i reached in the box and pulled out her gift.

she made it.
and she made it special for me.
a mug.
it had my little bone sigh guy(gal) on it,
said bone sigh arts right there
and on the bottom the words 'honor yourself'.

i literally gasped.
and then the tears started rolling down my face.

her timing couldn't have been more perfect.
and the thing is...the love in this, and the generosity...

she had to wait to get the money to mail it.

and while i gotta tell ya, i'm tired of tight finances and really ready
to be rich, the fact that i understand the mailing deal means the world to me.
it reminds me that there's gold even in tight finances.
you understand the value of stuff in a whole different way.
i knew she'd have to do that.
i really understood the generosity of the whole gift.
and the love.
ohmygosh the love.
you hold this mug and you just feel it.
it fits perfect in my hand.

i came home last nite after my day was all finished,
and everything i needed to do done,
and i filled my mug with water.

i picked water on purpose.
i wanted things like clean, pure, healthy....those words
meant a lot to me at the end of the day, and i just wanted that.
so i deliberately picked water to fill my mug.

and i sat and i sipped my water and held my mug and felt loved.

and i thought of that quote i had read in the morning -

'be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.'

i'm gonna treasure my mug forever...


AkasaWolfSong said...

What a way to start my day...this is gold and silver and the colors of the rainbow!

I'm balling like a baby now...

What a Great Gifting of Love!

Thank Goodness for Friends...

((((Big Hugs))))

Merry ME said...

Smiling at the love.
Kindness is a theme running through my week. Reminders are everywhere that all it takes is a smile, or a helping hand, or a new mug to move a heart.
Blessings to you as you drink from the mug and blessings to the mug maker.

faerian said...

YOU SO DESERVE A VISILE REMINDER OF LOVE... now my friend it is time to fill your cup - abundance is about having a full cup!

Sorrow said...

I just found this today..
And I am all teary eyes and smiling..
a rainbow kinda moment.
You do SO dang much for so many other people. YOU work so hard at making this world a better
BRIGHTER place, it is good to know that every once in a while
the universe
reminds you
just how radiantly beautiful you are!