Monday, September 12, 2011

the little things......

there was some good natured goofin' goin' on.
and he shot back something that made me lean back in my chair
and laugh out loud.

and the delight ran all over me.

i noticed it.

it's cause only someone really really close to me would have joked that way.

i felt how special it was to have someone you love like this.
how special it was to have someone who knew the ins and outs so well.
how good that feels.

i noticed the same thing in a different way not too long ago.

it was something no one else would have noticed...
it was how i handed him my earrings.
i'm willing to bet my first born that he didn't even notice.

it was a pretty darn brief moment.

but i noticed it.
it's something i'd only do with him.
and because of that, i saw it.
i watched it happen.

i thought of it later, pictured it and held it.

i don't take that for granted.
it's been too long a road for me to do that.

the moments with someone you love that can't be shared with anyone else...
those are the pieces of gold that i never want to miss.

they aren't kidding about the 'little things' beign what it's all about........

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