Monday, September 26, 2011

my all time favorite book

i tell ya, i think every woman in the world should read
'women who run with the wolves.'

when i first read it about 20 years ago i fell in love with it.
i gave it as gifts to every female friend i had.
women either loved it OR said something like 'it made no sense to me.'
it was one extreme or the other.

no sense???
and that's usually what the negative comment was.
it was about it not making sense.

20 years later, i realize i read this book like i read a rumi poem.
the words are gorgeous, and i just let them fall into me and touch
all the deep places inside that logic just can't touch. things move
inside of me because of this book.

and it occurs to me that the women who didn't understand it were
very logical.

which is fine, they just need a different kinda book.
and i really wouldn't know which book that is! i'd be curious tho.

so, if you're really logic brained, perhaps not.
if you like rumi, i'm thinking for sure you need this book.
it's delicious and amazing.

i don't think i've ever had a book support me in my growth like this one.

and reading again, twenty years later, i see i've walked thru a lot of the fire
and i see i've gained a lot along the way. and what it's reminding me now,
isn't so much about allowing all that to happen - it's about using what i've learned.

it's about putting into practice the stuff i've gained along the way.
it's about living in intuition and awareness.
it's about respecting the wild inside that i now have met and know.

i'm in an entirely different spot this time around.

there was a time i grieved the loss of whatever died when i got divorced.
for lack of a better word, i'll use 'innocence.'
i grieved that i would never look at the world the same.
that the naive innocence was gone.

i actually thought it was something i'd feel sad about forever.

silly, girl.

i now find myself reveling in the fact that i've grown and traveled where i've
traveled. i'm not grieving the losses like i used to. some i don't grieve at all

i see the gains.
and i wouldn't trade for anything.

now...i'd like to become more aware of using those gains.
of living them.

this book is waking all that up in me big time right now.
and i'm loving it...

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