Thursday, October 20, 2011

dancing with gold

oh wow it's been far too long since i've danced with the morning
like i danced this morning!

i love wind.
i just love it.
i truly feel like i get all the gunk cleaned off of me.
like the universe is just bathing me.

the wind grabbed me, danced with me, cleansed me.
the trees swayed and sang.
the sky went from dark to light and everything in between.

and i thought of nothing but the beauty of the morning.

i left everything behind - the good, the hard, the awkward, the everything -
just left it all behind and lost myself in the morning.

on my last lap, looking up at the sky and the trees i heard a voice inside me -
'i'm a child of the universe.'

every once in awhile that thought will come thru and while i know it sounds silly,
it won't be silly. i'll just know it's true. and i'm so happy with that thought.

i'm so happy to be part of the universe.
sometimes in that funky space where i'm lost in it all, and nothing else
is attached to me at the moment, i feel like it's where i really fit.
it's a place that just holds me and i fit there.

really fitting is something i rarely feel.
moments like this morning are gold.

and i danced with that gold with all the delight inside of me.


Merry ME said...

I can think of no universal sprite more golden than you, my friend.

terri said...

mary! what a delightful thing to say! thank you!

Yaya said...

I stumbled upon your blog and feel very lucky to have tripped your way. You write beautifully. May I post some of your work on my site?

terri said...

yaya, i'd be honored! thank you.
have you been to our website?
come on over, you might like it there! :)

Pamela Jones said...

The Autumn wind arrived today,
It made the treetops dance and sway.
Leaves of yellow, red, and brown
Drifted slowly to the ground.
They spun and whirled, and as they flew,
I found that I was twirling, too.
We danced our dreams, the leaves and I,
Of golden days, 'neath Autumn sky.

Sherry said...

I just read about this Dutch verb the other day and I want to start using it...apparently this is what you did this morning!!!

From "Whole Living" magazine:

Uitwaaien (out-vi-yen) verb, Dutch: To walk in the wind for fun.

terri said...

love that, sherry!!!

terri said...

ohhh pam! perfect!! perfect!
'we danced our dreams, the leaves and i'......oh yes!