Friday, October 21, 2011

feeling very honored and very shy....

i got an interview posted about me this morning.
it's such an honor and so darn nice.

thing is....spreading it feels really strange.
but......i also realize that my spreading it helps their hits!
so what i'd like to do is tell you that there's nothing in that
interview that you don't know already if you read my blog.

laughin' guys know me pretty well.

but the site is really beautiful and i want to spread that around even more!

so if you have some time, hop on over to the interview,
if you would smile for me, that'd be nice....then go check out that site!

thanking meri and adrienne for being so lovely to me.....


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Ter! Smiling at you big time!


Merry ME said...

Great interview, Ter,
Made me want to give you a big bear hug then sit and chat. In fact, that's going on my bucket list!

terri said...

thanks you guys! :)
mar, i like that bucket list idea!