Sunday, October 2, 2011

treasure tidbits

ms. clarissa is talkin' to me!
she's talkin' about love relationships!

and she's talking about skeleton woman showing up....

yeah, unless you read this, i really can't describe it, i guess.
but the idea is that there is and needs to be little deaths all thru
life. that they bring little births.
that we shouldn't be afraid of that.
skeleton woman is the personification of the life/death/life cycle.

and this part i loved.......she talks about finding's in a story
about a fisherman -

'he does not realize that he is bringing up the scariest treasure
he will ever know, that he is bringing up more than he can yet handle.
he does not know that he will have to come to terms with it, that
he is about to have all his powers tested. and worse, he does not
know that he does not know. that is the state of all lovers at the
beginning: they are blind as bats.'

.....'while their egos may be fishing for fun, this psychical space
is sacred ground for skeleton woman. if we troll these waters,
we are guaranteed to hook her for certain.'

'she is the one who peers at things. she can tell when it is time
for a place, a thinking, an act, a group or a relationship to die.
this gift, this psychological sensitivity awaits those who would
lift her to consciousness through the act of loving another.'

i loved all of this cause it so touched on that there's so much more
to love than we realize when we wander into it.......

i love this because she reminds me of my own sacredness.......

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