Friday, November 18, 2011

and more!

okay........had to share the other tidbits i read that made me gasp
as i read from 'women who run with the wolves' yesterday.

'if a woman is shunned, it is almost always because she has done or
is about to do something in the wildish range...It must be be remembered
that an oppressed woman not so much refuses to fit as she
cannot fit without also dying. her spiritual integrity is at stake,
and she will try to be free in whatever ways are available, even if
they put her at risk.''

"when the collective is hostile to a woman's natural life, rather
than accept the derogatory or disrespectful labels that are place
upon her, she can and must, hold on, hold out, and search for that
which she belongs to - and preferably outlive, outthrive, and outcreate
those who vilified her."

"So we cannot be shocked that there is entropy, deterioration, hard times.
let us understand that the issues that entrap women's joy will always shift
and shape change, but in our wild nature we find the absolute stamina,
the necessary libido for all necessary acts of heart."

those are some more of the tidbits i read.
i tell ya, i wanted to just grab the women in the room and read these
to them....but just didn't seem like the right time.
as it was, it was all i could do not to gasp too loud!


liv said...

Whoa, holy cow, how did I find you?? That was wonderful. Thank you so much for posting it.

I look forward to exploring your blog and am so grateful that you do this !!

terri said...

liv! that so made my day!thank you!