Friday, November 18, 2011

a perfect day...

i don't think i travel with anyone on the planet as well as i travel
with josh.

we have some sorta weird link where we can have the same
rhythms, the same moods...we can just think alike sometimes.
bob shakes his head sometimes and says it's like we're clones.
and it makes traveling together so easy.

it was josh and i on an adventure today.
and i gotta say it was one of the best days i've had all year.

we went to visit friends who are like family to us.
we went there to be there for them, and because i needed
to be with them.

we went to just get away and goof.

we went to just talk and be.

and we did it all.

when we got home and reported the trip to zakk and noah,
we were laughing in delight with all the things that they
would have hated.

to stopping to help the guy with car trouble, with josh pulling
out his wire cutters saying it was a wrench and then realizing
it was wire cutters while the very capable man looked at us
as if we had just landed from the moon, and then us realizing
the guy didn't need any help anyway and laughing and climbing back in the car...

to walking with a friend to the top of a mountain talking serious
about the passing of his mom and life and death and dealing
with loved ones passing as we gazed at the mountains...

to cackling with unbridled craziness as josh dictated a story he's
working on as he drove and i typed on his lap top egging him
on with complete and total joy.

"no! no! you gotta add this!" i'd say and egg him on more.....
he looked at me at one point, his face it up with a huge smile
and said 'it's two writers in the car!'

when we pulled to the corner to turn into my neighborhood i
looked up and said 'wow, we're home already.'

and i realized it was the first time ever that i pulled up at that
corner from being out of town without thinking about what time
i'd be home and timing it in some way. i had enjoyed every
second of the trip and never tried to figure out when it was

we just suddenly were there pulling into home,
gathering our treasures we had gotten along the way to
head in and show the guys.

it was a perfect perfect day.

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