Saturday, November 19, 2011

what door?

it had seemed so profound as i rolled over
in the middle of the nite with the sentence echoing
in my ears -

'don't lift the buildings, go thru the door instead.'

it had come from a dream i had just had.
where i didn't have to lift a stack of buildings
to get to what was underneath...
(it was a dream, what can i say?)
that was the hard really was as easy
as walking thru the door that led down there.

i woke up and lay in bed thinking about it.
it didn't feel quite as earth shattering this morning.

but as i type it, i like it all over again.

are the buildings me?
and the things that make up who i am?
and i want to get underneath all that and see
what's there?

that's been on my mind for a bit now.

it's as easy as walking thru the door that leads
down there.


so where's the door?

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