Thursday, November 3, 2011

the best lunch ever!

usually i cook to feed the beasts.....
and i don't always do that!
but today, there isn't any other beast here for lunch except me.
and i was getting really hungry.
but i've been way busy.
as i ran thru the house i thought 'i'll just pop some rice on and have that.'

and later, running thru, still busy, i thought i'd just grab the rice and eat it.

but wait.....there's a pepper in the fridge right there.
and there's an onion....

and before you know it, i was cooking away making one of the best
lunches i've ever made!

i didn't have anyone else to think about so i could pop in whatever the heck
i felt like.

oooh cinnamon's good. let me throw that in.
and here, i love ginger, and i grabbed that.
oh! how about this apple?!

before you know it i had gone wild and most importantly i had
lost myself in the joy of making something just for me that i'd love.

i was joyful.
i didn't have to hold back and think 'no, this one doesn't like this,
or that one won't like that....'
i just threw stuff together with abandon and joy.

and it turned out great!

and i saw how much fun it was to do something for me.

i usually don't take the time.
well, i tell ya, i just learned something today.
i may be the person who appreciates it most of all~!
i really should do it more often!

1 comment:

AkasaWolfSong said...

Sounds like a Joy Rising Lunch! :)

Good for You!!! I hope you can do it more often?

Radiant Blessings Ter!!!