Friday, November 4, 2011

stevie, crying skies, waterfalls, and touching the source...

i woke up to stevie ray vaughan singing 'the sky is crying.'

i thought it was perfect.
i didn't know how perfect at the time tho.

i woke up thinking about him and how he was the one who
taught me to reach for try to 'touch the source.'

i lay there thinking about how i'd try to do that today.

i came down to a hard email from a friend with health issues.

i immediately thought of the line 'the sky is crying.'

what a line.

i'm taking another quick break to those amazing falls nearby.
gonna sit by them and write a bit this morning.
gonna look at the power of the water, the power that's
so beyond me. and i'm gonna focus on that.

the sky inside me is cryin' a bit this morning.
and somewhere in there,
and i'm not sure how,
i'm gonna try to 'touch the source' today.

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