Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a hoop of brilliant colors...

okay, so it was a middle of the nite thought,
a roll over after a dream thought....
and they seem so much more striking then.

so while not as striking as last nite, i still like the thought i'm
going to share.

altho, i think what i like most is that it was a roll over
after a dream thought. i don't remember the dream,
but it musta been a nice one.......

i saw this really gorgeous hoop of color.
brilliant colors all kinda moving around together.
and they were the colors of my day.

all the things that happened added a color to the hoop.

as i was rolling over, the thought was that if someone asked
you about your day, or if you thought about your day,
you really shouldn't just figure it was one main thing. you
should look at all the colors. cause there's a whole bunch of them.

and you can see that each one adds something significant.
so they all count.

this is going to be great fun with bob! as it is, when he asks me
how i am, i ask him which part of me he means. just wait til
i throw in the color hoop!!!

i just really liked it....
it reminded me not to focus on one thing.......and to remember
the value of all the stuff goin' on......
and it did it in color!!!

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