Wednesday, November 16, 2011


and she couldn't come in from the rain...

it wasn't raining when i started.
just gray.
but then it started gently coming down.
and it just didn't stop.
and i couldn't stop either.

it felt so good. and i just didn't want to end the walk.

i wondered why more people don't walk in the rain.
on purpose.
for healing purposes.

cause there's something about it.

talk about washing your aura or something.
it's just so good.
i just glided thru the rain.
as if i belonged there.

and i smiled.
yesterday the highlight of my day was the smiles
being passed between my sons and i as we raked.
truly was by far the highlight.

this morning i didn't think life could get any better than
a walk in the rain.

these moments, i them, terri.
these are what matter.....

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Merry ME said...

I love walking in the rain.