Tuesday, November 1, 2011

reminding me

i swear no one can touch my soul like clarissa pinkola estes does.
i read her and my insides either melt, or i can feel this big collective
affirmative nod, or absolutely the bones sighing.

i read her last nite and devoured her as if i were starving.

she's talking of the way women lose their souls.

"our connection to meaning, passion, soulfulness, and the deep
nature is something we have to keep watch over. there are many
things that try to force, sweep, seduce away those handmade
shoes, seeming simple things like saying, 'later, i'll do that dance,
planting, hugging, finding, planning, learning, peace-making, cleansing...
later.' Traps, all."

she talks of the people we can be with who keep us in the traps,
of the 'separation of a woman's life and mind from flattened-out
collective thinking and the development of her unique talents
are among the most important accomplishments a woman can fashion...'

i just about cried when i read that.

she reminds me of my value.
she reminds me that the processes inside myself are incredible.
and she reminds me to trust them.

she reminds me of how i want to live.

i'm late for my walk.
heading out now.
my plan is to walk myself right back into where i want to be inside.
cause i know that part is calling me.

and i'm following that call this morning.......

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