Tuesday, November 15, 2011


it's been way way way too long since i've read any of
'conversations with god' (book 1)
one of my all time favorites.

it's time again.

and what do i come across?

'There is only one reason to do anything: as a statement
to the universe of Who You Are.'

'And forget not Who You Are in the moment of your encirclement
by that which you are not. But do you praise to the situation, even
as you seek to change it.
And know that what you do in the time of your greatest trial
can be your greatest triumph, for the experience you create
is a statement of Who You Want to Be.'

that's a whole lot for me to think on today.
the part that really gets me is praising the situation even
as you seek to change it...the only way you can really do
that is by buying the rest of the thought, i think.

which i think i do.
but my gosh, it's gonna take some holding here.
had to share........

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Virginia said...

Those "Conversations with God" have changed the way I look at life. I return to them often!