Sunday, December 4, 2011

and round two....

how do i describe this?

i had dessert plans that were a little funky and odd.
throw in the fact, that bob egged me on after i told him i had
the best bagel in the world the day before with the guys, 
and well, we decided to add to the funky and odd dessert plans,
and include 'the birthday bagel.'

then josh said he was bringing his bud with him.

and dessert plans changed.
i sat the brothers and bob down.
i can't keep the same plans. 
josh's bud's mom is a fantastic cook, does everything beautifully.
and besides, josh's bud actually TASTES his food~!
i just can't go funky and odd now.

the guys just assumed that meant i was ditching the birthday bagel idea.

that's not weird.
that is, after all, the best bagel in the whole world.

i couldn't believe they thought that was the weird part.

well, this birthday bagel became a story all in itself.......
purchasing it was funny, bob bought it and apparently
felt he bought ownership of the bagel.

going to TWO stores for the little birthday candle holders we
didn't find that bob was sure we needed to insert the candles
into the bagel.

no candle holders.

we needed another plan.

'back off st. cloud, this is my bagel.
and i've got a plan.'

bob's seriously asking zakk for a dremel. zakk offering a drill.
my shrieking about sanitation. bob opting for his pocket knife
(which truly is worse than both a dremel and a drill!!)

the consultations and decisions of creating holes for the candles
BEFORE toasting....much easier to carve the holes.... one thinking of the heat......
the candles melting in the heat of the toasted bagel...

oh well...we can eat the bottom half.

no we can't the wax went all the way thru.
look at how short some of those candles got!

oh well a little wax is good for you.

sure, a little made-in-china wax....

okay, no one eats the bagel.

the candles are melting too fast.

put the toasted bagel in the freezer, quick!

we need just the right dish for this.......

and the birthday bagel became a birthday story.

josh knew right away what kind (cranberry walnut for those of you
who must go get one....from panera)

and he loved the whole idea.
we filled him in on the prep work

'bob INSISTED on toasting it too early.' (ter)

'terri forgot she was at panera when she said let's go 
to panera' (bob)

'you missed the kitchen interactions!' (noah, rolling his eyes
and laughing)

'i wasn't sure about the drill bit' (zakk)

'did i tell you that bob INSISTED on toasting the
bagel way too early??' (ter)

'you're not gonna let go of that, are you??' (bob)

yes, we had 'regular' dessert too.....cause no one ate the bagel....
but the fun of the bagel just couldn't be beat.

and the best part was when we told them we ditched the weird
plans and stuck with the normal stuff. josh's eyebrows went up.
and he laughed.

the best part was this all took place right away.
they barely caught their breath from walkin' in.
it was totally family. 

it feels good to be with a group like this.
real real good.


Josh said...

It shall be preserved for eternity (probably requiring little effort, from the look of it) in the Josh Museum! When people ask me the meaning of life, at first I'll say "I'm not sure", but then I'll offer up the bagel as an educated guess.

Dan McGaffin said...

I just want to point out that bagels do have a hole in the middle so maybe next time take advantage of that. =D

terri said...

thank you very much, dan!
THAT'S exactly where i was goin' when i got 'back off, st. cloud...'
laughin' here.....what can i say???

Dan McGaffin said...

Great minds think alike!

Merry ME said...

I'm not sure I know anyone else who can make a bagel sound so festive.

terri said...

laughin' turned out to be such fun! and yes, dan! that's scary isn't it??? :)