Saturday, December 3, 2011

celebrating round one....

yesterday was one of those days that reminded me so much
about what life's about.

time and money are both something i'm short of these days.
and something i've been kinda sensitive about.
and here it was, time to celebrate josh's birthday.
it's not his actual birthday, yet, but it was the day we could
all take some time off and be together.

josh knew time was tight and so he gauged what we would do
around that. he made it so there were some 'time-outs' that i
could pop in, do just a little work to keep afloat, and then go
back to it. and it helped me so much! i could really relax when
we were goofin', knowing i'd get a chance to catch up and
check in later.

it helped me a ton stress-wise.
but more than that, it helped me a ton that he saw me...
really saw what my days are like and try to make it all work.
that mattered so much, i could just feel the relief wash over me.

and then there's the money.
i want to give my guys everything....and well, i can't.
and they know that and are so incredible about it. when i
offered to take them out for dinner anywhere they wanted,
they picked where we always hang out. i protested that i really
wanted to take them somewhere special, and the response i got
was it was perfect and that's where he wanted to go. and as it
turned out, it was one of the best dinners we've had together ever.

i liked the present i got him, but under different circumstances,
there woulda been ten more things that he loved all wrapped up
and waiting for him. and yet, he was thrilled and i know that he
treasured it even more because of the circumstances.

his brothers put a ton of work and energy in on making him a gift
and he was so moved, i truly thought he was going to cry. he didn't,
but my gosh, i think it was the best present he ever got.
i sat and watched and thought how wonderful his reaction was and
how these presents meant such good things all around -
to the givers and the receiver.

it really was a day that was all about the right stuff.
josh commented on how much it meant to him and how special he felt.
and i think everyone was feeling pretty well seen and appreciated.

and i swear, if i had my way, i would have played out the day differently.
i woulda had a lot more money to spend on him and a lot more time
to hang out and bum around....and i sit here and realize it's a good thing
i don't always get my way.

because i think the limitations changed things.
in a really really good way.
now, it's because of who those guys are that it worked out the way it did.
because their hearts are so big and loving, it could become such a beautiful day.

we're not done celebrating yet.
there's more to come tonite and tuesday and on and on it goes.......

and i wasn't looking for a gift out of all of josh's celebrating.
but i tell ya, i sure got one yesterday.
and i'm carryin' it around with me.
and i'm thinking that i had no idea 26 years ago how much my life
would change because of these sons of mine.
and how much they'd teach me about what really matters in living.....
and how often they'd remind me to get back on track and enjoy!

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