Saturday, December 24, 2011

and so...

and so it is christmas.......
i'll be off goofiin' with my family.

this year is the first year in a whole lotta years that i'll be
with my sons on christmas day.

i've spent a lotta christmas days alone, and i know the feeling of
being sad and lonely on that day.

if there's anyone who's reading this who's on their own,
and feeling sad and lonely, the guys and i are offering a 'chat'
to hang out a bit and just let you know you're not alone.

if you're interested, we're doing it on facebook.

i'm trying to make it 'private' so i'm actually making a list of people
who are interested and want to join in. then i'm adding them to
the chat.

it's just a typing thing. not a voice thing.
so we'll be typing back and forth and goofin' around a bit.

if you're interested and already a friend of mine over there, just
holler and tell me and i'll add you to the list. if we're not friends
yet, come on by, friend me and tell me you want in.....and we'll add you.

it's at 1:00 eastern time.
come on by and say hello.
and know that you're not alone.

it can be a hard day for sure.
but it can also be a day of remembering the magic and that connections
happen in the strangest ways!

merry christmas.........


Susie said...

Is it Christmas yet? You guys will be the best gift ever!!

Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

Merry Christmas Ter... and thank you for being you.