Saturday, December 24, 2011

look at that one!

between the three of us, we're not so good on directions.
but zakk had his gizmo that would get us there - only it
might need recharging - we weren't sure how long it'd hold out.

'just give me the exit and a street or two in case it goes out,'
i told him, in my most practical voice.

he turned around from the front seat. 
it was dark. 
all i saw was an eye.

'you really want me to?' he asked, the eye daring me to live
on the wild side.

what the heck, i thought. this could end up really funny.

we actually did find the place so smoothly it was totally unlike us.
and we knew we were close when we got stuck in a line of cars.

'this must be it!" i squealed.
the guys kept sayin', no, couldn't be.
had to be something else.

'how could it be something else??' i demanded from the back seat.
'EVERYONE wants to go see lights tonite!'

we looked around at the cars surrounding us.....
hmmmmm..........well, maybe those people.........but not those people.....

and sure enough......EVERYONE wanted to go see lights.
(well, 'cept for those people over there)

it was packed.
the people giving tickets and taking canned food had the
spirit of christmas in their voices. 

we had just gotten our ticket and i was already thrilled!
just to have the air puff outta those people's mouths as
they smiled and said 'merry christmas' was enough to put
me in the mood!

you drove thru. you don't stop or get out of your car.
you're sposed to keep your headlights on, but we didn't
know that til we got home and looked at the brochure.
noah turned them off, thinking it was courteous. but when
he almost missed the road at one point and almost took
out that cone with it, the headlights made a little sense.

the lights were cheesy. oh so cheesy. and i loved loved loved them.
we were goin' maybe two miles an hour and i kept hollerin'
'slow down, noah! slow down!'

'look at that one!!!'
'ohmygosh! look! she's throwing a snowball at him!' 
and at the same time zakk and i watch it and say with
the same tone -'SPLAT.'
i laugh, clap with delight and head to the next one with
my eyes. 'wait! what's that one??'
over and over again.

i loved every moment of it.
i carried on in the car the whole time.
zakk and noah put up with it and laughed with me.

the place was packed.
car after car after car.
the guys had no idea what exactly this whole thing was when i suggested it.
and they were kinda taken by surprise.
and the fact that it was pretty cheesy but still all the people were

everyone's coming to see these.

cause there's something about lights.
there's something about lights in the darkness.
there's something about a gingerbread cookie that's hopping up
and down on a trampoline...
there's something about joy.

and there's something about sharing it with people you love
who are all crammed in a car together......

i loved every minute of it........

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