Friday, December 23, 2011

the eve of christmas eve.........

uh oh.
i think everyone in my house is in trouble.

my eyes popped open this morning and the voice of
seven year old terri squealed "IT'S THE EVE OF CHRISTMAS EVE!'
and i hopped right outta bed, turned on the rockin' xmas music
and danced down the hall in my jammies.

as far as i knew, noah was brushin' his teeth, zakk was awake in his room.
as far as i knew, both could hear me just fine as i danced and sang
outside the two closed doors.

i think both those guys may know what's coming.
as neither opened their door.

not to be discouraged, i danced back to my room, danced with
my pillows as i made my bed and found anything red i could wear
in my closet.


and while the bumps have still been all thru the season
this has been the best season i've ever had in my whole life.

and at 50 i've finally figured out it's not about christmas eve
or christmas day.......they don't matter at all.

thing is...i think my inner 7 year old doesn't know that....
and i think maybe she'll be bouncin' around just a bit today!~

keep those doors closed boys, cause she's loose and she's
gonna grab you and make you dance and bake and celebrate today!

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