Saturday, December 10, 2011

the goat??

i'm a muppet fan.
a huge muppet fan.
i think they're just genius.
for real.

and when i watch, each one will remind me of someone i know or of myself.
it's intriguing to me.

i've always been impressed with shakespeare and how he seemed to 
understand all aspects of the human psyche.
well, that's kinda how i feel about the muppets too.

one of my all time favorite muppet moments comes from the movie
'muppets in space.' there's this big bear (who i just adore) who's the
assistant to the bad guy. and the bad guy tells the bear to 'get the remote.'
and the bear, in the other room, doesn't hear quite right and says
'the goat?! you want me to get the goat?' and then of course, the bad
guy's frustrated and corrects him. and the bear mumbles 'i thought he
said the goat.'

it makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

even *i* don't know why!!!
except that at that moment i totally relate to that bear!

okay. how could this possibly be one of the favorite movie moments
of a grown woman???

i have no idea. 
except that i have a pea brain.
i really do.
and i don't mean that in a negative way.
i mean that in a good way.
it's a good thing to have.

it takes very little to delight me. and when something hits just right,
it totally tickles me. 

the guys can just say the line 'the goat?' to me anytime anywhere,
and i start laughing.

something as dumb as this hit me last nite.
i had been trading notes back and forth with someone, when
he read the word 'clinical' as 'cynical.' and he commented on it.

i thought he was referring to something else, and kept going.
i didn't realize he had mis-read the word. i didn't think much of it.

i was tired, showered, had gotten into my pj's and was filling orders
when something came up with someone i loved. we decided to meet
up for a talk.

i was REALLY tired....and not thinking straight. and i think that had
something to do with the fun that happened.

i got dressed again, wondered how my wet hair would do out in
the cold, hopped in the car and was driving down the dark road
when all of a sudden out of nowhere my brain goes 'CLINICAL!

it was like it shouted out at me!

i almost jumped. 

and i knew right away what that meant.
he had misread the word.
(talk about a delayed reaction!!)

and i laughed out loud, did a 'i coulda had a V8' head slap and kept
going. but i couldn't wait to tell him when i got home. i thought it was so funny.

it had to be the delayed reaction that tickled me.
it just delighted me.

and he laughed with me, and when i got up this morning, he had goofed about it
with me on facebook. and i laughed again.

and i had a thought......for me, it's these really really dumb silly things that make
my life delightful. 

but no...that's not's the really really dumb silly things and people playing
back with those things and laughing with me.

honest to pete, that is some of the best stuff in life for me. 

and i thought about that.

you can't buy that one and wrap it and put it under the tree.
it's living.

and it's the pea brain moments that i swear can keep me going sometimes.

i used to feel kinda silly that it took so little to delight me.
like maybe i should be smarter or something.
now that thought even makes me laugh.
you gotta be kidding!

i know now what a treasure it is to have a pea brain.
and i decided this morning, i want to nourish it a bit more 
and look for and rejoice in these moments.

and what a perfect season to do just that!

pass the goat please!


Merry ME said...

you crack me up!
jack's son said he went to the new muppet movie and laughed all the way through. sounds like the kind of medicine i need to be taking.

terri said...

mar! i went with the guys and bob to that same movie! josh and i were doubled over laughing! bob couldn't figure out what on earth was goin' on. it was such fun!!!

Dan McGaffin said...

It's the pea brain moments that keep me going sometimes. And my pea brain brothers and sisters who can pull me out of my funky moods. So glad we could share some pea brain moments of our own Terri.

Cathy said...

Four of our family went to the muppet movie the day before thanksgiving when it opened. Why? Not because we have pea brains, and neither does anyone else who loves the muppets. Who can resist the swedish chef (ork debork) and we can't wait for the appearance of the old men in the balcony (I love those guys) Kermit the frog reminds us that we are all loved and lovable, and so much more. They remind us to laugh out loud, love, not give up... One of the great songs from an earlier movie "Moving right along...." Let's be grown up kids this season, it makes us feel alive.