Sunday, December 11, 2011

okay, so it's a commercial....

i had gotten one of those boxed set of cards with questions on it for couples.
gotten it for a young man and his girlfriend for christmas.

i wasn't sure about it as i had never gotten one before and i wasn't sure
what the questions would be like. i read reviews and tried to get the box
that i'd be okay giving this young couple. i actually got two sets.

and then they broke up.

they were wrapped and under my tree.
i had decided i'd give the smaller one to bob for xmas, so that was
set aside, but the other one was waiting for this couple.
i knew i could put it away for another couple....after all, just in
my immediate family alone, there were 5 young men that were going
to be in relationships.....

but i wanted to know what the questions were! was it really a good
box of questions, and was it really something i'd want to give?

so i gave it to bob and i. we'll end up having two sets before the holiday
is over!
but i was excited, we could give them a test run!

and in  just one evening with those silly things, i learned stuff about both
him and me AND our relationship. i really did! and it totally tickled me.

and no, this isn't the box of cards i'd choose to give as a gift, or i'd
give the title here and recommend it. altho, i gotta say it really did
do some good last nite.

i just think we can find better.

but! here's the thing....i've always been into this kinda stuff.

i had the 'ungame' before anyone even heard of the ungame.
(never heard of the ungame??? laughin was a board game
for families with a deck of really cool questions to ask each other...
we would just sit with the deck, forget the board part of it all. i think
now, they actually just sell the pack of cards, and they too ditched
the board part of the game!)

i've bought the books with questions in them to sit around the living
room and hang out with friends and talk about.

i have always been into questions to start conversations.

and i have never gotten anything like this for my partner and myself.
after sitting with these cards last nite, i can't believe that.
we're nowhere near done. and it may just be a card here and a card there
from now on. but i want to go thru them. you just don't know what you'll find out. of my favorite questions was something like - what could you
each do differently to make the times you're discussing problems better?
something like that.........

what a cool question is that?
and wait til you figure out what you can do.

so this blog is actually a commercial.
not for any pack of cards or question book in particular.....if you find
the right one, let me know! (i'm sure they ALL have something good to offer....)
but for selling the idea of getting something like this for the significant other
in your life for the holidays.

that's the first thought i have....for couples.....
but it's a great great thing for families as well!
i've used the ungame cards for families and like them.

wouldn't it be cool to give a gift where you actually get the gift of
learning more about the people you love?

THAT'S a present!

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