Monday, December 12, 2011

laughter. it's not just for breakfast anymore.....

so okay,  i've got vague mixed up slogans in my head this morning....

is it 'eggs, they're not just for breakfast anymore'????

i'm not sure if i've made that up or not. but it popped into my head this
morning after an early morning of laughter.

zakk and i bond by horse-playing with each other. we're forever
goofin' that way. and this morning found us right at it in the dark
early hours.

he didn't want me to go out and walk in the dark.
i was worried i was gonna miss sunrise.
i tried to sneak out without him knowing.
he caught me.
and so the horse-play began.

there was tossing of shoes around the room,
and the typical squirmishes and hollering. mixed in with much

in the end, i was joined on my walk by both noah and zakk
and we walked and talked and laughed.

and i felt so good after all that, i was amazed at the power
of laughter.

when i walked into the house, i could hear the slogan running thru
my brain 'laughter, it's not just for breakfast anymore.'

and i grinned.

i know the whole 'laughter is the best medicine' deal....
but again, it's one of those things i hear so often, i don't
really take in.

i know laughter's good for me, and i know i like to laugh....
but do i really get that it can affect my whole life??
truly, truly make me healthier?

i think i really saw that this morning.

i've mentioned here before that this holiday season i'm keepin'
an eye on the 'festive' and one of my goals is to keep the festive
goin' and really enjoy that part of the season. to CREATE the

well i want to create the laughter.

yesterday, bob and i horse-played too. i found myself collapsed
on top of him laughing so hard i was crying. i could feel his body
goin' up and down in heaves of laughter too. which only fed my
laughing more.

looking back at that this morning, i wonder if it's just a coincidence
that i felt closer than ever to him yesterday. or did that laughter
help with all of that?

it had to.

laughter changes everything.
why isn't it something we actively pursue?

laughter. it's not just for breakfast anymore.
when's the last time you belly laughed?
when's the last time you belly laughed with someone you love?


Merry ME said...

Do you think you felt closer to Bob because you were lying right on top of him?

Laughter and sunlight sound like a perfect breakfast!

terri said...

laughin' again now, mar.
well.....yeah, that helped! it is sooo good to goof with those you love!