Monday, December 12, 2011

one more step...

and so i explained to them that we'd see the sunrise at the corner.
that it was so cool, we'd see the sun looking like it was coming down
the road.

so we went up to the corner.
the street can get pretty busy.
it has breaks when there's no cars, then spurts of cars goin' fairly fast.

'you just find a safe place, and you watch.' i told them.

there were no cars at that point, so zakk went into the middle
of the road to look. i got in the grass where i usually get and
turned toward the sunrise. noah stood with me.

it happened to be a morning where it was pretty mellow and
subtle...but still cool. it wasn't as pizzazzy as i had hoped to show them.
but still, they got the idea.

there were no cars coming, so we started running for the next
corner. if we ran, we could get pretty far without worrying
about traffic, then turn the corner back into the neighborhood.
we didn't make it all the way. then we had to get out of the way of the cars.

zakk commented on it being like one of those computer games.
like a frog tryin' not to get hit by traffic.

noah looked at me and said 'we need to get you a house with
an eastern view so you don't have to do this.'

i grinned.

cause i like goin' to the corner to see the sun comin' down the street.
i've gotten to makin' it a game with the cars to get to the next corner.

and i thought about it.
probably one of the things i like the most about myself is i can make
stuff good. i can find the good in things.

and so i thought about how i've been doin' with my finances lately.
haven't been thrilled with them. been wishing that part of my life was
all different.

hello, terri.

it's like finding a spot on the corner to watch the sun come down the
street.....look at it in the right way, and it's a whole different story.

i LIKE that i can do that.
i actually think i've got quite a talent for that.

so. um.
how about it, ter???

and she takes one more step in the direction she wanted to head....

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