Friday, December 30, 2011


mister mario of ideamensch included me in on his features today.

i'm tickled and sharing........

if you have a moment.
and seriously, you know the stuff about me already if you read this skip that part and go check out the site and mario!!

here ya go!


AkasaWolfSong said...

Awesome Lady! :) I'm sure you will don next years hat quite well!

On another note...blogger has shut down both of my blogs and rather than go through the hassle of retrieval I started another...oh yeah! Not sure if I'm even going to stay on Blogger after this nightmare...anywho my new url is:

Maybe I'll see you there?

Have a Great Weekend Sister Love!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the interview Miss Ter.
LOVE the image of the clipboard.
I see the words....


written as item #1.

Do I hear another AMEN Sista???
: )

terri said...

found you akasa! and ms. k! amen, sista! amen!! love you both!