Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a cool drive home

don't ever get me talkin' about god stuff.
cause then i get to thinking about god stuff.

driving home that's what i was thinking about...
cause we had talked about it a little bit.
along with a buncha other things....
and i was trying to put it all together and make some
sense of it.

the buncha other things and god stuff. how'd they go together?
i was thinking how hard life was. how everyone's got so much
gunk and pain and sadness and STUFF.

and i kinda got this visual of all that stuff being like big ol'
black blocks. black cubes.
stacked on top of each other and around in a line kinda.
and how that's what we focus on.
BUT! that's the wrong place to focus.

i got to thinking of how the 'god stuff' shows up around the cubes.
the god stuff's the 'magic.'
the magic that happens when we trust.

i got this line, which i don't know if it will make sense to anyone else,
but it flipped me out - 'trust is the door to the magic that is
the scent of god....'

the scent of god.

so let me try to land and focus here.......

you've got this stuff......and this space around this stuff.
and if you can step into this space (which happens when we let go
and trust - really really really trust....and sometimes-most times-
it's just for moments) then you hit the magic.
and that's what can and does whirl around the stuff.
but we mostly don't know.
we have to step into it to know it.
and when we do........
we find the scent of god.

cause that's what it's like.....i think.........
just the scent......
cause truly.........we have nooooooo idea of any more than that.

and it's all about the space around the stuff.

this was just like such a cool drive home for me.......
had to share.


Susie Keeth said...

Ter.... I just wanted to let you know that I hit that magic last Saturday.... and that magic is Sacred.

terri said...

susie, you, of all people, would know....thanks for telling me.