Wednesday, January 18, 2012

talk about a partner.....

and since i'm gonna indulge myself and sleep in in the morning,
i thought i'd post one more here to kinda be like my morning posts.

the trust.
(see post below)

that line.....
trust is the door to the magic that is the scent of god.

trust is the door.

trust is the door.
i want to go further and further thru that door.

i have someone i trust.
i have someone i can work on trust with.
i really really can.
that's no tiny gift to have.

and when we finally connected today and he asked me how my day was,
i said 'here's the nugget -'  and i launched into stuff that was whirling
inside of me about trust and the god stuff that i talk about in the post

and i continued on....about how i trust him. and how i know i can
explore trust with him. and how we have so much further to go and how
i want to work on it with him.

i have someone who can help me learn how to go further and further
thru the door......

and one of my resolutions this year has been to dance and celebrate
my blessings.

talk about a blessing.

talk about a journey.
i have said all along that he teaches me love.
and i have said all along that love is god.
and now.....i want to really travel with what he can teach me.

talk about a partner.

dancing and celebrating and packing my backpack....
we've got some exploring to do.....

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