Thursday, January 19, 2012

sharin' again...

this is on the back jacket of a book i grabbed off my shelf yesterday.
i read it while sitting at a red light.
and my eyes got big and i went 'OOOOooooohhhHhhhHHhhhh' out loud
in my car.

"Trust is our best path, but discernment in how we place our trust is crucial.
All of us have been lied to, deceived, or let dowin in some way. Yet we can
remain heart-centered while proceeding with caution, and we can develop
greater resilience in the face of life's inevitable rejections and disappointments.
Only two qualities can get us to that point. First, building inner resources so
that our safety and security lie stably within ourselves; second, developing
an unconditional yes to life as it is."
.......david richo - daring to trust

i really liked that.
the first thing i loved was how he just put out there we gotta build our
inner resources so that our safety lies withing.
i always think that....but sometimes it seems impossible.
and bam. he just puts it out there like it really can be done!
yes! i love that!

and then.......and unconditional yes to life AS IT IS.
the 'as it is' part makes sense to me now.
before i don't think i would have even noticed that.
or i woulda figured 'of course' without even thinking about it.
that's a big big part of that sentence.

loved this!~
wanted to share....

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