Friday, January 20, 2012

enjoyin' it while i got it!

it's no secret....stevie ray vaughan is a hero of mine,
and i credit him for being the catalyst for the explosion that
changed my life -
he woke me up and made me want real.
he woke me up and made me want to touch the source,
to live my live.

the other day i went off on a passionate rant with a friend of mine.
he misunderstood something i was saying, and i was trying to convince
him he had it wrong. and i went off about my passions and what i
believed about the bone sighs.
we were on the phone, but i could still see him grinning when he
interrupted me mid-rant and said 'terri. terri. terri....i believe you.'

i stopped, smiled and then laughed.

the passion is back.
ha! the passion is back.
it was kinda cool to see it at that moment with him.
he's been with me with bone sighs from way early on.
and he's kinda symbolic to me anyway. so it was a pretty cool

it was so there in the beginning........
and then it got hit and tugged and pulled and rolled over,
and covered in dirt and everything you could think of.....
and i lost it.

not all of it, mind you.
but the stuff that could light my being up and fire up a rant in
a heart beat....the stuff that when i went walkin' out my front door,
i'd think 'i'm filled with passion, baby.' that stuff got lost....

and it's back! and i'm thrilled that it's back.

what controls the cycles? what makes it come back? what makes
it go away? why can't you just grab it back when you want it?
i don't  know. i go round and round with all that. and i try hard to
make it all 'work.'......but it seems to have a bit of a life of its own.

i want it to stay this time.
i really do.
so, okay, maybe it won't........
and maybe that's a good thing too.....
cause because it left once, i really know how precious it is.
and i'm treasuring it big time right now.

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