Friday, January 20, 2012


it's a stevie morning. (see post below)

i was listening to some stevie as i made my bed this morning.
he's got this song about traveling down the road with a friend.
and as i made my bed, i thought of my own travels with my own friends
and family.

some moments flashed thru my head.
we were talkin' about stuff and he was fiddlin' with a tag on my clothes.
just fiddlin' while he listened.
i was aware of it, and knew how precious it was.
not everyone can fiddle with your clothes when you talk to them.

they were in the kitchen when i came up all animated with a story
that grossed me out. a personal story you couldn't tell just anyone,
but i could tell them......and i did with gusto. when i heard myself
say 'ohhhh gross!' and just laugh and laugh with them......i was aware of it.
i knew it was one of those goofy family moments.

when i was talkin' to him on the phone and choked up and he called me
back a few minutes later about it, i could feel the bond between a mom
and a son. and i held it.

i'm lucky....for some reason i notice the moments. and i hold the moments.
not sure if everyone does. i hope so. cause it's an awesome feeling.

i listened to the song. to the line 'god it's good to be travelin' together again.'
and i thought of how quickly it all goes.
and how good it is to be together.

feeling incredibly grateful this morning......

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