Monday, January 16, 2012

echoes and laughter

ya know how you get that echo on the phone sometimes?
and you know how you can't concentrate cause you keep hearing
yourself talk?
i've had that plenty of times and when i have to, i talk thru it,
and just say what i gotta say and go.

but yesterday was different.
it happened with a call to bob.
i heard it right away and immediately started making noises.
and then i laughed. and then i laughed some more cause my
laugh made me laugh.

then i figured i'd annoy him terribly so i offered to call him back.
and when i called him back i still had it and i could hear my laugh
and it soooo made me laugh to hear my laugh.

honestly, i'm a compassionate giving person because i got off the
phone as i couldn't concentrate and he didn't need to sit there
and listen to me play with my echo.

but i coulda played with it for hours.
i really could have.
and my laugh....oh my so made me laugh.
it was contagious to myself!

and i've been thinking about that -
i loved to hear it.
and i know sometimes when i laugh it comes from the
little terri part of me.
i want to hear THAT laugh!!!
i can hear it from inside - but i want to hear it from the outside.
don't have a plan on how to do that.
but just totally love that i could hear my laughter.

what if we could all hear our own laughter??
i bet we'd laugh more!
i'm gonna be listening. it's not quite the same from
the inside...but it's a start......

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