Wednesday, January 25, 2012

good stuff

and since i'm sharing stuff....and just so you know, i'm back to reading
a little bit so i'll be back to sharing as i go!! here's some golden nuggets
from clarissa's women who run with the wolves.......

'nothing makes the light, the wonder, the treasure stand out as well
as darkness.'


then she talks about going about in the and through the darkness...
carrying 'an age old message that says, 'do not fear 'not knowing.'
in various phases and periods of our lives, this is as it should be....'

' maybe we stumble around in the dark for a while trying to
find what calls us, but because we have managed to not talk ourselves
out of being summoned by the wild one, we invariably stumble over
the soulskin.'

ahhhhh good stuff to remember as we stumble along.....

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