Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sharin' stuff..

here's stuff for ya....did i ever say where i got that last stuff about allowing from?
i'm sorry. it's from 'daring to trust' by david is this......

'our survival needs are about comfort; our emotional needs are about challenge.'


and then....

'unfortunately, we are not equally geared to having healthy relationships.
so we have to  work on making intimacy and other growth needs a priority
because our body has survival mode as its primary default setting. this explains
why we might stay in a relationship that is not working: we imagine that we need
it on a survival level. with healthy boundaries, we make a choice for personal
happiness and sanity. we then no longer believe we need a relationship in order
to survive.'

just thought that was awesome....had to share.........


Dan McGaffin said...

Thanks Terri. I needed to see this. A light bulb moment.

terri said...

it's really pretty awesome, isn't it?!~ me too!