Wednesday, January 18, 2012

hope matters

this blog has always been about searching, growing, sharing...
that kinda stuff.
i keep politics and that kinda thing off of it.
that's not what it's about.

today i mention SOPA.....not because of what it is...altho i feel
strongly about it...but because of the black outs goin' on today,
cause of the google doodle i just saw....cause of the tiny tiny
spark of hope that gives me.

i don't remember ever feeling so hopeless about the state of things
in my country. but that's not what the post is's about
that spark of hope i felt this morning. it's about thinking sooner or
later we're gonna have to find our voices and grab them back and
start shouting.

sooner or later. but it looks like it'll be later. yet i still felt a tiny
spark of hope this morning......

and i thought of us......women in particular....but anyone who's had
a rough time. and how from an outsider's eyes looking in, it's way
time to shout and scream, grab your voice and push the garbage aside.

but it doesn't work like that, does it?
it takes the one in it a whole lot longer to see.
it takes the one in it a whole lotta getting pushed around.

but sooner or happens and we grab our moment.
i thought of that this morning.
and i remembered 'the process.'
there certainly is one.
and we gotta trust that.

i'm throwin' this out there this morning as a reminder for both
the personal and the world processes...we can't lose hope.
hope matters.

and i needed to remember that this morning.

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