Sunday, January 8, 2012

hormones or progress...who can tell???

is it possible all of last year prepped me for this year?!
would that not be the coolest thing?!!
(is that an extra 'not' in there???)
'wouldn't that be the coolest thing' is what i'm trying to say!

i'm just sittin' down to dig into some work today.
it's sunday.
and i'm totally tickled to grab some time and get to it.

and totally grateful.
and my energy is up.
and i feel goooooooooood!~

i WANT to set the alarm clock tomorrow and get moving.
i WANT to exercise, and try a little harder and push a little more.
i WANT to eat right and stay away from the junk.
AND i WANT to work today!

it's not cause i 'should''s cause i WANT TO!

a corner has been turned.

i worked all last year towards this stuff.
could it be that it's actually kinda worked its way into me???

or could i just be on a hormonal high and it's all gonna crash by

that could be too.
that could very well be.

but who cares?! cause i feel good!
and i want to start shouting to the heavens when i feel good.
i think that's a worthwhile plan.
the more we shout the more it'll spill all over us.
i think so, anyway.

and somehow doesn't that make room for all of us to feel good?
i don't know......but i think it might.

who knows.
but this i know.....
embracing the good can't be bad.

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