Friday, January 27, 2012

learning to see.....

i read this last nite and wanted to put it out here for anyone who
was really struggling....

'When we awaken to our inner truth through suffering caused by deep wounds,
we regain the inner sight we previously denied ourselves, resulting from our
fear of being rejected by others. We need our inner sight to access our intrinsic
power. The price we pay for our blindness is enormous and grave. The midlife
process does not support this blind way of being. The relationships that we
choose to stay blind to invariably fail us. We suffer deep wounding through this
alchemical  process of 'failure.' The blessing from the deep wound is the powerful
'medicine' it holds. This medicine permeates our lives and graces us with the clarity
of vision that can no longer be fooled by adaptations or cover ups. This medicine
reconnects us to our real selves and reveals the vulnerabilities that we carry that
have conditioned us to adapt and compromise our truth. Once we awaken
to this, we are able to reclaim our intrinsic power. '

that's from 'becoming real' by rose kumar

when i first started out on my own in my awakening process, i wrote so many
bone sighs about regaining my sight...learning to see myself. i struggled and
struggled with that concept. felt like i would never ever get it. and somehow
really understood that my power was tied up in that.

i read this last nite and put it aside to type here this morning.
without even thinking, i wrote the blog right beneath this first. then typed this out.
for me, they fit together like a glove. and i realized when i put these two posts
together in my head - i'm learning to see.

by golly, i'm learning to see.

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Susie Keeth said...

How awesome is that? Really, really hearing and seeing our inner selves.... and loving and accepting that. You taught me a little trick a while back Ter involving a mirror and a conversation with self.... I have found that the moments in front of the mirror just really amplify that hearing, seeing, feeling of the inner self. It has increased my mindfulness in huge ways and has allowed me to get rid of many of the judgments that were previously attached. Thank you.