Wednesday, February 22, 2012

one of the coolest things ever...

one of the things that makes me laugh about myself is my incredible ability
to goof things up.

i mean, i have a talent for it.

and yes, there are days it gets me down and i'll cry about it.
but i gotta say, more often than not, it hits my funny bone and makes me
laugh really hard.

things like this -

i get a great reaction to one of the quotes of the day.
the reaction is so good, i decide i should make it a print.
then i rush extra fast because someone who placed an order
mentions the quote. i think it would be so cool to make the quote up,
and slip it in her package. i ask her if she can hang on just a bit,
and we agree. this will be fun.

i mention it to the guys. tell them i'm flabbergasted this particular
quote got such a good reaction. it's a god quote. those aren't generally
the ones people react to. go figure, i say. and shake my head.

well....see.......i can't even type this without laughing out loud.

guess who got the wrong quote???

THIS is classic terri stuff.

it WASN'T the god quote everyone reacted to! it WASN'T
the god quote the woman who ordered mentioned!

which i found out this morning from her note which was incredibly nice,
and gentle........but um......wrong quote.

and again, i'm giggling as i type.

part of me cringed because i would never send anyone a god thing without
them asking for it. i see way too much presuming on people's parts with other
people's beliefs. and i wouldn't do that. but there i was, unknowingly doing that!

so i wrote her back, explained that i was cringing and laughing and sorry.
cause i was all three of those things.
but the laughter.
ohmygosh, the laughter.

it's just too funny.

it hits me funny because these are the things i do with such gusto!
with such enthusiasm!
with such full force blundering!

and the cool thing? we end up talking which we wouldn't have done otherwise.
and stuff gets shared. and things happen with these goof ups of mine.
i mean, really cool things happen with some of the goof ups.

not all of them, of course.
some would probably be much better if they hadn't have happened.
but most just kinda sort themselves out in a bit of a comical way with
a bit of the cosmic mixed in.

so, i'm gonna work on the RIGHT quote today.
which i shouldn't as i have no time.
but who could resist, ya know?

and i grin, and i think of the 'terri is a nice girl, she's just very careless'
that all my teachers said year after year about me.

who knew that'd be one of my most amusing traits?
who knew that it would add a lot to living?
and yeah.....make me cry on some days.
but make me laugh a whole lot more.
and who knew that part of me would hold a real great chunk
of the cosmic magic in my life?

there's cosmic magic in the goof ups.....but i think we need the laughter to find it.

and that in itself is one of the coolest things ever.


Susie Keeth said...

Kinda like mailing off bracelets that you've made especially for somebody and then realizing that you don't know what you sent them because the bracelets that you thought you sent are still in your pocket.... and that can turn into making somebody else happy that you don't even know. It's all good after all and you are reminded of just how imperfectly beautiful things turn out when you let the Universe have some say.

terri said...

yes, susie! EXACTLY LIKE THAT! :)