Thursday, February 23, 2012

an important discussion

realizing how little i knew/understood about anorexia,
i went over to the bone sigh arts facebook page and asked for help
in understanding it.

women who have been down that road and some still in the middle of the road,
have come and shared their explanations. it's still ongoing, i believe, and for me,
it has been an incredible read.

i just cannot believe how little i know and understand about this.
and i think of all the.....what? i don't even know what to call them!
the different 'disorders'??  'struggles'?? whatever the word.....all these different
demons that people fight that i don't know anything about.

and i wonder how could i not really know?
this is so huge for so many people.

if you want to join in the conversation, you're more than welcome.
it's over on the facebook page. feel free to join us.

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