Saturday, February 4, 2012

a reminder

it wasn't about healing.
it wasn't about tryin' to fix anything.
it wasn't about tryin' to understand emotions.

it was about the drama.


and maybe about narcissism.
it sure felt like that was part of it.
if not all of it.

narcissistic drama.


i watched it.
tried to offer a few things.
saw that was going nowhere and left.

but i've been thinking about it.
there's compassion there.
because this person is so stuck.
so so so stuck.
and i have compassion for that.

it can't be fun to be that stuck.

but what really really hit me about it was the people i meet thru
bone sighs.

people struggling, searching, trying so hard to get thru their stuff.
and so so many of them feeling like they're getting nowhere,
they'll never get to where they want to go.

and what i wanted to put out here for anyone reading this who knows
that feeling as well....i can tell you.....i witnessed it in sort of an opposite
way with this happening...

just the fact that you feel that way says something.
i really believe that.

you search and you try and you fall and you get up again and you try
again and you think it's just not working.

not so.

the very fact that you're searching has you miles down the road
and you don't even know it. the fact that you fall and get back up and
do it again - you're going where you need to go. you just can't see it

the fact that it's not the drama you're going for, but the healing.....
you are well on your way.

you may forget it.
you may not feel like it.
but i'm here tellin' you i totally believe it.

trust the process and keep on goin'.
and remember to have compassion for those who won't ever
even know that there's a search to be on......


Kenetha said...

Thank you so much for this bit of encouragement. The idea that just the fact that I am continuing to search is in itself progress is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

terri said...

so glad it helped, kenetha. and i am so sincere. we just can't forget that part! even tho i do all the time! grinnin' at ya...and wavin' to you along the path.....

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, you hold that Love and compassion, even when the urge to shake some sense is really strong...
because thats where there going to be, on your best day, and on your worst day and every day in between.
Thanks for the VERY timely reminder...

Susie Keeth said...

"fall down 7 times, get up 8 times"
Eat, Pray, Love

And when there's a 9th..... well, you get up and do it again, and you keep doing that just as many times as you need to..... and hopefully you figure out along the way, what it is that keeps tripping you up. And eventually you learn to walk around that instead of head on into it.