Friday, February 3, 2012

makin' art

i've been workin' on some original art to add to our website.
and i tell ya, i can do it forever. i get lost in it and love it.
the problem is - i grab the quotes that *i* want to work with.
and well, that's not usually the ones you'd pick with an eye to sell.
but i can't help it.
i sit down and say i'll be smart about it.
and then - i get lost and end up being me about it.
and then i grin and don't care.

we'll see.....i may have a lotta originals floating around my house for
a very long time.

this morning i stopped and looked at one that i made recently.
and i think i may end up taking it and making a print from it.
because i think it'll sell? nah, not really. and this is where i laugh at myself.
it's not great marketing. but it's so from the heart because i wish every woman
would have it hanging in her house and use it to remember. i really really do.
so i gotta make this a print.

here's the quote -

a child and a woman dwell together.
she is me,
and i am her.
separate and not.
the more we see of each other,
the more we see the gift that we carry.
bowing down,
holding hands,
we step deeper
and deeper into the dance.

there's a lot in there that i like.....
and it makes me think of the notes i've been writing to my inner child in the mornings.
it's one of my new year's resolutions. just quick little notes in the morning.
and i swear, when i do that, i can feel her. and  it feels so good.
and i'm starting to see more and more how we're separate and not.
and that it's together that we offer the real gifts of who i am.
when you get us together, you really get who i am.

more and more i feel that.
more and more i see that.

and this darn dance of living......more and more i see there's so many depths to it.

yeah, i gotta make this a print.
and i gotta do these darn art pieces. if for no one else but me.
sometimes that's enough isn't it?

oh man! p.s.!
i just posted this, turned to my other screen and saw my email. there was the
bone sigh quote of the day. ya ready?? pretty darn cool timing.....

toes in

she sat with her toes in the water.
the little girl that is me.
sitting by my river of strength.
and i understood that they
were connected.
and i understood that my exploring
had only just begun.

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Merry ME said...

I honestly believe that all of your work will find its way to the person(s) that is supposed to have it. That's what so magical about bonesighs. Keep making your art, enjoy the process and the hanging it on your wall. Most of all keep sharing with the world.