Saturday, February 11, 2012

sharing quotes

i was sitting in the car waiting, and so i grabbed the motivational quote book
that was stashed in there. i flipped to a section that had a whole buncha quotes
by napolean.

motivational quotes by napolean? seriously?

okay. let's see what we got.

and what's the first one i read?

'A picture is worth a thousand words.'

napolean said that? really?  who knew?
now i'm all excited as i had no idea that was from napolean.
i love finding out where famous quotes came from.

next one down -

'A true man hates no one.'

napolean said THAT?!!

okay, so now i'm totally curious. and wondering about this guy.
how could a guy who wanted to conquer the world say that??
totally curious now.

here's some i particularly liked or thought interesting - i think they
really caught me because of who said them -

'Imagination rules the world.'

'Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools.'

those two quotes grabbed me just for living my own life, ya know?
for inspiration to follow my heart. from napolean! i'm still kinda in shock.

'The truest wisdom is resolute determination.'
wow. i'm not sure what i think of that one.....have to mull on that.
what does that mean? in one sense it totally freaks me out.
yeah, that'd be a guy's mind who wanted to conquer you.
at the same time, when i flip it to bone sigh stuff and our journeys
and our's kinda cool, isn't it???

here's another one i have to mull on -
'Courage is like love; it must have hope for nourishment.'
again, i flip that to our healing process and kinda want to mull on that.
that's an interesting one, isn't it? do you have courage? is it fueled by hope?

this one made me laugh and nod my head, in my mind this would
be completely a napolean quote - 'glory is fleeting, but obscurity
is forever.' or this one - 'I have only one counsel for you - be master.'

and yet....go ahead, do it with me......flip it onto the healing journey.
it can work, can't it?

and this last one i'm gonna share kinda grabbed me -
'Respect the burden.'

that's the one i chose to finish with.....
because that's what i wanted to offer as a reminder today.
for the burden's in our lives that we're dealing with.
i'm not sure at all what this guy meant by that, but to me it sounds pretty wise.

respect what you're going thru. the weight, the depth, the difficulty.
seems like if we do, we'd be a lot more compassionate with ourselves.

i have a feeling that's not how he intended that thought to be used.
but it feels important to me, so i wanted to share.

all of these kinda jostled up thoughts in me. was hoping they'd
jostle some in you.

and you know what? now i wanna read about this guy. what a mind
he musta had....i wonder about his musta been made of
such a weird mix.

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