Wednesday, March 28, 2012

all done...

yesterday was the funeral.
and i don't even have words.

i found the day incredibly hard and came home with a pounding headache.
last nite i had a fever and trouble sleeping.

i'm better today. no fever.
it was an odd kinda thing goin' on.
it almost felt like my body had to do whatever it did last nite.

i don't know how to even begin to express what's inside of me.
but i will definitely be writing later this week.

i think that one thing i'm gonna write is what i'd like to hear at a funeral.
i've been to two this week and each time what i heard not only left
me empty, it left me a little bit crazed.

it's time to settle in to some quiet and do my grieving in my own way.
i can see how much i need that now, and i can see how good that is
to do.

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