Wednesday, March 28, 2012

a new tool....

here's a cool thought i figure can be helpful for us all...
it's about 'identities.'

there's been a lotta talk about this around here as i spent the last
few days immersed back in life with my family. we've been talking
about what we see as our identity and what others see as some of theirs.

i guess the deal is you can have multiple ones.
like i'm a mom, artist, writer, girlfriend, whatever whatever whatever.
you get the idea.

and we operate from these spots we see ourselves in.

i used to identify strongly with being a nurturing daughter and person
who kinda helped glue the family together.

i don't have that one anymore. that one kinda got pushed right outta me.
but it's cool to see how i used to have it, what i did because of it,
and how i don't have it anymore and how it affects me not to have it.

so it might be cool to find an identity you used to have but don't anymore.
it's fun to toy with and look at.

okay, so we have these things and we operate from them.
and according to my brilliant son who had been reading about all this,
if someone threatens that identity we get upset.

interesting, don't you think?

and according to some of the stuff he's read, if we want to change some
stuff about us, we can work on changing our identities. i don't know any more
than that, but thought it was fascinating.

so the last few days, it was not only helpful to look at my own stuff,
it was helpful to look at other people around me and what they had goin' on.

ohmygosh, from what i saw this is a really big thing for us to look at.
wanted to put it out there for anyone else interested to toy with.

if you're really struggling with something, maybe look at what identity is
being threatened and see if that identity is something that still fits for you.

i'm gonna be doin' that too......


AkasaWolfSong said...

one word....archetypes...

I have to think about this too.

thanks star woman! :)

(((big hugs)))

Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

I think another way of looking at this is through attachment... as in, what am I attached to? The Buddhists believe that all attachment causes suffering. For example, if we're attached to being someone's best friend, and we identify ourselves as that, if someone threatens that of course we get upset. We are, of course, attached to our identities. Can you tell I've been reading a lot about attachment recently? lol Actually, non-attachment is supposedly what we should strive for. The less we're attached to being a certain way, or having a certain outcome, the less we suffer when it changes or doesn't turn out the way we thought it would. It's all very interesting ;)