Friday, March 16, 2012

angel elizabeth

so it's no secret i've been doin' the inner struggling here.

i'm kinda feelin' sheepish as i think i have a few of you worried about me.

no worries! part of the terri journey!~
AND i already felt like things were turning around inside of me....
i really felt like after a quiet weekend, i'd be back in the game full force by monday.

but this just iced the cake for me and i had to share!

mixin' in with any personal stuff of mine, there will always be business
struggles....just tryin' to figure out where i'm goin' with my life always
includes where i'm going with business. it's all part of the same deal.

i'm tryin' hard. really hard. and i just have that 'spinning my wheels' feeling
goin' on. so last nite as i was driving home i was so frustrated and i just
threw it all out 'there' and said 'help me! i can't figure this out! just help me!'
and i meant it. i was about as frustrated as you get. and i meant it.

and just angel called me.

i am not kidding.
i hung up the phone with tears in my eyes.

it was a woman looking for a place to buy my cards.
that's it.
seemingly ordinary enough, right?

nah, no way. she was totally a gift from beyond.

what she said to me and how she encouraged me truly touched my heart
and brought tears to my eyes.

she reminded me of what i'm doing and why i'm doing it and what matters.

she reminded me of everything my heart knows and my mind clouds.

she reminded me.

and what's really funny is i spent the morning figuring out numbers.
i mean, i did numbers in a way i never did numbers before.
i was determined to figure this whole business stuff out, darn it.
and i was just getting ready to sit down and see what the numbers told me
when she called.

i hung up the phone and put the numbers down.
oh, i'll share them with the guys and we'll talk about them and i'll try to
be smart about them.......but i don't care anymore. i really don't.

cause elizabeth reminded me.....there's more to it than numbers, girl.
there's way more to it than that.

and i think what's bringing the tears to my eyes right now is that i honestly
honestly feel like she was my angel. i really do.

and THAT part is overwhelming after a week of feeling so lost and so full of struggle.

that part is just the most wonderful feeling.

we all do matter. what we say to each other matters. how we reach out
to each other matters. we're all each other's angels.

and i so needed her today.
angel elizabeth...
you quieted my heart in just the way i needed today.

thank you.......


jgb said...

Ohhh Terry, i"m so glad you had an angel today in elizabeth. Your blog has been my angel so many times I have lost count. Your presence in the universe is brought back to me every time my MP3 player cycles to the song "here for you" by a recently gone artist by the name of eyedea (if you don't know his music I'm sure your boys can turn you on to him.)
Thanks for all the ways you are here for all of us out here.

terri said...

ms. jgb,
thank you so much.....
i just checked out the song. never ever heard it before. how totally cool you think of me when you hear it....that is so darn awesome.
thank you.

AkasaWolfSong said...

You me, to FireKeeper!

You were an angel for us when we needed it and now it is being passed back to you...ahhh...the gift of gratitude. I love that!

Thank You Elizabeth for being the voice that touched my Sister's heart! :) How beautiful is that!

terri said...

akasa, my friend....thank you.....

Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

Like jgb, I too have lost track of how many times you´ve been there for me, in e-mails, on facebook, and through your blog. Just knowing you're out there makes things alright for me. It is with you that I've known, really known, what sympathetic joy is all about. I feel good when good things happen to you. You truly deserve angels in your life. You've been that angel for me so many times that grateful just doesn't seem strong enough to describe how I feel. So, simply, Thank You :)

I truly would like to see this on a Bone Sigh card: "she reminded me of everything my heart knows and my mind clouds" A W E S O M E ♥

terri said...

brigitte, thank you! and you know what? i'll do it! yep....i noticed that line too. you're clipping it like that was all i needed. see? YOU are also my angel! what on earth would i do without you guys?! thank you!