Thursday, March 8, 2012

the bottom line

she called and asked what i would do if i were her.

ohhhh that's always a tough question.

so i went to the 'do what's best for your highest good' spot.
you really can't go wrong with that spot.
the thing is, finding it sometimes is really hard.

and tryin' to get the other people out of your mind is really hard.

so we talked about that.

and you know what seemed to be the best point of all?
to let yourself think those thoughts you know you 'shouldn't.'
to allow space for that.

all this cosmic highest good stuff is awesome and necessary to grow.
i'm totally in favor of it.
i vote yes!

but so is the 'i wish they'd just fall off the planet' stuff.
(and yeah, i've had more than my share of that thought!)

i never thought of it til just now......but an extra little tidbit to that thought could
be a big net or a big pit or whatever where all those people fall when they fall
off the planet. and they can just hang out with each other. let them all have
each other.

oh yeah. that feels good.

those kinda thoughts.
we're gonna have them, ya know?

have them.
let them enter.
don't beat yourself up for not being a kinder person.
be real.

just don't entertain that stuff for too long.
fling them off and go for the highest good stuff.
it'll only help.

that was the bottom line of our talking.
and it reminded me of where i want to focus.

funny how everyone's journey helps me with my own....


AkasaWolfSong said...

I am so with you on this one Star Woman! I just don't entertain the thought of lower energy negative people being near me...and then they usually just leave me alone...which is what I desire in the first place, lol.

Happy Woman's Day Woman!!!!
I be lovin' ya! :)

Sherry said...

Laughing out LOUD! here Terri!! That was such a wonderfully liberating image....

Just fling them off and go for the highest good...I'm totally using this this imagery now.
"Hello depressive restrictive person (or thought, whatever.) Here we go... *picks up invader and tosses them over the cliff* back to the journey!!!" LOL I love this!!

terri said...

i'm usin' that image too, sherry!
wavin' akasa!