Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i'm likin' this line....

you'd think i'd be more of a romantic.
i mean, i write bone sighs.
i live from the heart - or really try to.

you'd think i'd be oozin' phrases like 'soul mate.'
that kinda thing.

but i just don't ooze that phrase.or ones like it.

i was thinking about my guy tonite.
we just had an interaction that felt really healthy,
and kinda like we're getting somewhere with all this work we've done.

i've been feeling that way a lot lately.
like the work we've done has been paying off.

it's a good feeling.
real good.

and when i stop and think of all the work, i just kinda close my eyes
and sigh. it's been a ton.

i don't think i've ever worked at anything like i work at our relationship.

and that's sayin' something, cause i tend to throw myself into things and work
really hard all the way around. but this has been like the big leagues for me.

and i feel really good about where we've come.
and yes, i know. i know. we will always face work together.

but i'm taking  a breather tonite and appreciating the accomplishments.

and it's such an odd mix.
i think back to how we met, how we got together.....
and it's filled with me gasping thinking it really seems like 'it had to be.'
the whole way it played out.
like there was magic pulling us together.

and sometimes when i get lost in that and think 'yeah, we were meant to be'....
it doesn't last long. cause then i think of all the work.
and i think 'shoot, we MADE it work. there was no meant to be about it.'

and i laugh.

i think maybe it's both.
there was magic....and we made it work.

and that's got me thinking....
that's prolly the deal about all of life, isn't it?

i think i may just bring that thought into work with me tomorrow.

actually, i think i need to print that up and hang it over my kitchen sink -

'there was magic...and we made it work.'

and use that everywhere i go.


Merry ME said...

I may have said it before.
"Miracles happen after a lot of hard work." Sue Bender
One of my favorite quotes.

terri said...

that's it exactly, mar.....